There is so much more of God you can experience than what you are currently experiencing!

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I was a worship leader for about 25 years and recently I quit my job to come home to do two things.

  1. To be a stay at home dad (which is really awesome!)
  2. To write a book.

Back in the fall of 2023, I enrolled in Havilah’s Author School, an online course devoted to helping you to write a first book draft.  One of the exercises we did during the class was to identify and write down who our ideal reader was, our avatar.  That is, the specific person that we were writing to.  In that exercise, they asked us to write what we’d say if we sat down for coffee with that person.

So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!  And if you don’t drink coffee, you can grab tea, coke, water, orange juice, apple juice, or whatever! LOL!

If there’s one thing that I want to say to you, really clear, it’s that there is a whole lot more of God than what you are currently experiencing.

I want to help you experience that more of God.  I believe that so many of you know there’s more.  And you’ve even questioned yourself.  You’ve asked “is there more?”  “God, is there more than this?” 

I want to tell you that yes, there is.  There is a whole lot more and you can experience Him.

Knowing God’s Presence

Now, I remember when I was a young Christian, I had only been walking with the Lord a few years.  I had a few significant encounters with God where I really experienced His presence – where I really knew through those encounters that He was real.  At the same time, I didn’t understand His presence.  I didn’t know what the manifest presence of God was and I didn’t know how I could experience it on a regular basis.

I remember the time when I began to learn about the presence of God.  I would sit and read my Bible, and I would ask Him to show me and to teach me.  And as I’m sitting reading my Bible His presence would come and I would be overwhelmed with emotion.  I would just have tears running down my face while reading scripture.

It was a really wonderful experience.

Now, I don’t mean to paint any sort of picture that we ought to be chasing emotions, but I very firmly believe that when we experience God, it’s an incredibly emotional thing.  At least it can be.  It’s not the same every time.  The emotions can be different.  But the depth of what we experience with God is so often shallow when we have not pursued lives of prayer and devotion to worshiping God.

I’m not talking about going to church.  I’m not talking about showing up on a Sunday morning and showing up on a Wednesday night and joining a Bible study and hosting a life group. Those are all good things. Those are all things that we absolutely should do!  But when we build our lives around doing things in the church and neglecting to sit at the feet of Jesus, then we miss out on a lot of Him.

Learning to know God’s presence is just like learning to know anyone else’s presence. There are people in your life that you have relationships with.  Over time you learn who they are when they’re in the room with you.  You learn how they feel when they’re in the room with you.  You learn what their voice sounds like when they sit across the table from you.  You know what a room feels like when they’re present and when they’re absent.

I think the same is true with God. The more that you sit with Him and learn His presence, the more you will know what it feels like when He shows up, or what it feels like when he’s not in the room.

Of course, I say that with the caveat that we can’t trust our feelings.  However, that’s not to say that our feelings are always some sort of false indicator of what’s happening either.  I think we can very accurately perceive the world through feelings.  It’s just that we don’t allow feelings to drive the car.  We don’t allow feelings to be the first thing that we follow.

We trust truth first.

And we align our thoughts first.  Scripture says that we’re transformed through the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).  So I’m not saying that emotions take priority, but I’m saying that emotions absolutely can and should be a part of our experience with God. 

After all, we are emotional beings.

He created us with emotions for a reason.  I don’t think that he created us as emotional beings so that we would just check those emotions at the door when we came to sit with him. 

(Here’s the video if you’d prefer to watch/listen to this post!)

Knowing God’s Voice

In the same way, when you sit down with somebody and develop a relationship you learn what they sound like. You learn the words that they use, and you learn how they communicate with you.

In fact, when they speak to you they also know the uniqueness of their relationship with you – so they speak to you a certain way.  You learn to communicate with people over time in such a way that they understand you and you understand them.  There again, it’s very similar in relationship with God.  As you sit with Him, He will communicate with you in ways that you will understand Him.  You will come to understand and know His voice, to more clearly discern His voice when He speaks.

Often in the church, we are taught (and rightly so) that when we want to know what God says, we go to the scripture.  This is absolutely true.  The word of God is the ultimate authority.

He has given it to us for a reason, and we trust it.  But that’s not to say that God does not also communicate with us through other means.  It could be a word from somebody else.  It could be a sermon.  We sit in church every week, and we listen to sermons expecting to hear from God.

So if we’re expecting to hear God talk to us in a sermon, then we already understand that sometimes God speaks in ways that are not directly off a page in the Bible.  But they are very much in alignment with the truth of what he’s already written in his Word.  So don’t hear me wrong, I highly value the Word of God.  I highly value the Scriptures.

Years ago when I was looking for full time work in ministry, that was actually my number one criteria for any church that I considered working for – they must hold to the authority of Scripture.  We can’t throw that out the window when we think of hearing God’s voice.  There are so many ways that God will speak to us, and you can learn to know and hear his voice very specifically and uniquely for yourself.

Experiencing Real Transformation

Finally, I would say you can experience real transformation.  Unfortunately, and I’ve seen this a lot in the church, the gospel is often presented as a method of behavior modification.  The gospel of grace is not behavior modification.

That is, we are not supposed to be behaving externally in a certain way so that we can be good Christians.  However, real transformation according to Scripture comes from the Spirit of God encountering us as we are beholding Jesus. This is 2 Corinthians chapter 3.  When we behold Christ and see him truly as He is, we encounter Him through the Spirit and through the Spirit, we are transformed into His image.

Scripture says there’s liberty, there’s freedom.  And that freedom is a true spiritual transformation that occurs when we see Jesus.  That transformation is what produces different behaviors.  Because we behave based on what we believe.  So, if we want to experience real transformation, the gospel does not teach us to behave properly, and then  we will experience transformation.  But it teaches us to believe properly and then we will experience transformation, a transformation that results in the good works God has set before us to do. 

So, you can experience real, lasting transformation if you develop real relationship with God.  Real relationship where you sit with Him and

  1. you learn to hear His voice,
  2. you learn to understand how He speaks to you
  3. you become familiar with His presence

When you do that, you begin to figure out how much He wants to be with you.  In the Psalms it says that your loving kindness is better than life (Psalm 63:3).  I mean, there’s a place that we ought to get to as Christians where we grab onto the fact that God Himself and the knowledge of Him is better than anything else. 

Paul said the same thing.  Paul said, I count everything as loss (Philippians 3:8).  All of the gain he’d ever experienced in the world, Paul said was loss compared to knowing Jesus. So, going back to where I started, if I could tell you one thing that’s so vitally important for you to understand, it’s that there is so much more of God that you can experience than what you are currently experiencing.

And you can get there by knowing Him, by learning to know Him, by sitting with Him.  By listening to Him and by responding to Him. 

New Book Coming Soon

My new book “Rebuild the Ruins” is about rebuilding the ruins of your life.  It’s about fixing your foundation, learning what it means to live with Jesus as the foundation of everything, and building the spiritual house that God has called you to build.  When the storms come, when winds blow, your house will stand.  That comes from developing a real relationship with God and being transformed by it. 

What I’ve just told you today is a nutshell of what we’re going to talk about in this book.  It’s what I want to help you understand and experience.  So if you’re here, then thanks for listening!  Subscribe to the blog (and get a free eBook!) and go subscribe to my YouTube channel as well!