Clearly we are entering a new season! Have you been tracking the outpouring of the Spirit at Asbury University since February 8? Public meetings have ended at this point, but they experienced 16 solid days of worship, prayer, the gospel, repentance, healing, deliverance, and testimonies! Around the clock! And that’s not the only place it’s happening!

Surely, we are entering a new season for the Church.

“Build the House”

As I was praying into this 2023 year, I felt I heard the Lord say to me “build the house.” As I pressed Him for what that meant over the course of a few weeks or so, I began to see multiple layers of application, but one very direct layer – calling the church back to a place of pure worship and prayer. Not more programs, not better songs, not clever ideas, but a people who are in pursuit of the presence of God above everything else.

I know we like our church life and our community, but I believe we are going to increasingly see that all of the religious activity we engage in won’t really satisfy us spiritually. I see a hunger rising up for more of God, for more of His presence and power. Many are wondering “how do we get it and where do we find it?”

I feel an urgency in my spirit to draw close to God in the prayer room on a regular basis and to continually sacrifice things I want for things He wants. We have to make room for Him if we want more. We have to understand the necessity of the secret place. This is something He’s been teaching me over the past few years (and I’m still learning).

We have become too comfortable with church as usual. I believe we’ve been lulled into complacency and had the wool pulled over our eyes so that we don’t come to worship with much expectation about what God will do.

But the enemy is going to lose this battle!

There are trumpets being blasted right now, alarms being sounded, and a call to the front lines of worship being given again. We need to reclaim worship as a weapon of war (in the spirit!) and march until the walls of Jericho fall. We need to build a “house of worship” that is fit for a God who desires to dwell WITH his people.

After hearing “build the house,” the Lord showed me Isaiah 66:1:

Thus says the Lord:“Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest?

The Lord is looking for someone, for a David, for a generation of Davids, to rise up and prepare a place that His presence can dwell. A place where He can rest. He is looking for those He can ignite with fire to carry His presence and glory into the darkness of this world. I know that sounds like churchy hype, but I believe it’s the real power of the gospel and something we desperately need to be pursuing in this hour.


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