When I got saved, I read my bible and as I looked at the pages of the gospels, I asked the Lord “where is this in the Church” because I didn’t see it.  It also seemed that the love I felt from and toward Jesus as a new believer was not evident around me.  That’s not meant to be judgmental, but just to say that the lack of “first love” that Jesus rebukes in Revelation 2:4 is observable in the Church.

After many years of following the Lord now, I realize there are numerous reasons for this lack (and we don’t always understand why), but what I know for sure is this: in those early days the Lord gave me a deep desire to see Him do more than what was happening in the church around me at that time.  That longing for more has never left me. 

Some of you have it, too.

And I believe God is calling you back to it again in these days.

Some of you are sitting in your churches and saying to yourself “there is more.”  Some of you felt it long ago, but then lost sight of it over time.  The cares of this world have choked out the hope and desire the Spirit of God placed in you to see His kingdom manifested on the earth.  But you pray it every Sunday!  Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.

I believe God is reawakening this seed of desire that lies deep in your spirit.  It is a faith-filled expectation of what He will do.  There is more.  There has to be more.  You can’t get away from it and even if you think you have gotten away from it, it’s really just been dormant.  But the season is changing and the fallow ground in your heart is being refreshed as the warmth of the sun begins to shine on it again. 

What does more look like?  I don’t know.  But I feel it.  I see it.  I hear it.  I know it’s coming.  Just like you do. 

I’m just telling you you’re not alone.

You see, the Spirit is speaking. Whether or not we are perceiving is the question. But it’s His voice that you hear, that whispers to you there is something else.

Maybe it’s a new season of freedom in the Spirit.  Maybe it’s victory over something that has had you bound for years.  Maybe it’s deeper worship.  Maybe it’s a turning of the corner on your understanding of prayer or evangelism.  Maybe it’s a birthing of a new ministry.  Maybe it’s the courage to do the thing God has been telling you to do for a decade. 

Whatever it is, it will come with a fresh anointing of the Spirit when it is time.  The only way you can a step into this is by following the leading of the Spirit, but He’s like the wind.  You have to let go of what you thought it would look like so you don’t miss it when it shows up on your doorstep. 

I know this is hard, but Jesus already told you that if you wanted to find life, you’d have to lose it.  That’s what you are finding, by the way.  Life.  That’s all that’s in Him – I mean the fullness of God is life; there is no death.  And life is what He wants to give you.  Abundant life. Everlasting life.  It is Him, life with Him, the way He intended it in the beginning.

You are being called back.  Back to your first love.  There is nothing more important than pursuing the Bridegroom in this hour.  You are the bride and the heart cry of the bride is the return of the Lord Jesus.  It’s the restoration of relationship and intimacy that was established before the foundation of the world. 

If you will throw off everything that is holding you back from embracing what He put in you, then you will begin to see more clearly that this is what you are called to.  Your faith for what God has spoken over you will grow.  Your love for the Lover of your soul will be rekindled.  Your hope for more will be renewed.

Come on, worshipers!  Let’s pursue this.

This is the beginning of more.