Jeremy has lived out experience with God through healing wounds of the past, becoming a “heart-after-God” worshiper, and encountering the power of the Spirit for deliverance and spiritual warfare. If Jeremy comes to speak or minister at your service or event, you can expect a message in one of these areas with the end goal of building mature worshipers and developing strong spiritual warriors. Jeremy believes all effective ministry is born in the secret place and Spirit-led. Prepared, but free to move with God as He orchestrates His perfect plan in the process.

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JEREMY has served the Church in worship leadership for over 25 years. As a husband, father, leader, and creative, Jeremy carries a passion for building worshipers and equipping spiritual warriors. As a trauma survivor, Jeremy desires to help those impacted by trauma and abuse find freedom and healing through powerful encounters and intimate relationship with God. The Lord has called Jeremy to “build the house,” the rising remnant of these last days that will stop nothing short of revival through the passionate pursuit of the King of Glory.

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