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There is More for You

You’ve settled for too long. Casual Christianity has produced lazy spirituality. Your trauma is still running your life. You’ve wondered if there’s more. And there is.

In 2010, I lived through a horrific tragedy that shook me to my core. In the aftermath, it became clear that my spiritual house needed some serious work. Through life-changing encounters with God and focused commitment to biblical truth, I overcame deep grief and loss, developed intimate, daily relationship with Jesus, and embraced biblical identity and kingdom purpose.

No matter what you’ve been through, you can rebuild, too.

Leave your pain behind, pursue personal revival, and transform your generations. In this book, you will learn you how to break up the fallow ground of your heart, fix your foundation, prepare a place for God’s presence, and encounter the life He designed for you.

You don’t have to settle for less. You were born to break free and reclaim hope for yourself and your family. Come discover a life lived in the presence and power of God through regular encounters with the Holy Spirit, increasing hunger for His presence, and lasting transformation through repentance and obedience to Jesus.

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