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Get Unstuck and Experience More of God

So many of us are stuck just checking the church box every Sunday. It's like living paycheck to paycheck. There's rarely an increase and we're just waiting to fuel up for survival.

But there has to be more! And you know it deep down inside. That's why I wrote this simple guide to get you jump-started into real, authentic relationship with God through a lifestyle of prayer and worship.

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Pursue more of God through prayer. Find out what has you stuck and unable to move forward or develop intimacy between you and God.

We are talking about relationship with God the Father. Deep relationships don’t happen through once a week meetings. And deep relationships don't happen when a father is absent or inconsistent.

But a well-formed lifestyle of worship will lead to regular encounters with God, increasing hunger for His presence, and transformation through hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit. Break agreement with compromise and go after God today!

Get Unstuck, Experience More, and Be Transformed

The Father is waiting for you. He wants to be with you. And Jesus is at the center of it all.

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