Hey, Worshipers! I want to talk to you about how you approach the worship experience. You know we have to show up with expectant hearts, right? Hearts that are ready to meet with God and receive from Him alone.

I think sometimes we just wait on external things to motivate us, to move us to a place of being ready to receive. But there’s work that has to be done on our end – sometimes we have to till our own soil and ready ourselves for what God wants to give us.

At some point, we have to stop observing and become an active participant in both giving our whole selves in worship and receiving the wholeness that God has for us as his children.

I feel like some of us are stuck in a perpetual observation mode. And because of it, we never allow ourselves to step into what God is pouring out.

We keep waiting until we feel like it. We keep waiting until some other factor outside of our own hearts says “yes.” But that’s a problem because then the worship didn’t come from us. It’s inauthentic. God didn’t ask you to give Him somebody else’s heart, somebody else’s moment. He wants yours.

Hebrews says that without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6) and those who come to Him must believe that He exists and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. I think we often come with the first part of that verse, believing that he exists, but then fail to come diligently seeking. Instead, we want someone else to do the seeking and finding for us. Sing me the right song. Play the right instruments. Preach the right sermon. Pray the right prayer.

If it’s the song that moved you, you’ve already missed it. If it’s the drums that moved you, you’ve already missed it. If it’s the enthusiastic preacher that moved you, you’ve already missed it. If it’s your favorite Bible verse, you’ve probably already missed it.

Don’t miss it.

It’s Him. If He moves you, you’ve found it. He may use those other things, but the songs aren’t Him and the sermons aren’t Him. The drums aren’t Him and the organ’s not Him. We are after a Person, not an artificial environment built to externally motivate us. He’s the only one we are after. Don’t miss Him.