Building a House of Worship

Thus says the Lord, “Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.
Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest?”
Isaiah 66:1

The New Era

I can feel it. I hear it. I’m seeing it. There is something stirring across the body of Christ. And all the excess, all the religious activity that that we’ve placed around Jesus in our church life is beginning to lose its hold on our hearts.

Jesus is turning over some tables and I believe the Holy Spirit is calling the Church back to a place of pure worship and prayer. We are recognizing (because He is revealing) the emptiness that dry religion leaves and we are longing for something more. Something real. Something beyond ourselves, our plans, and our understanding. Something supernatural.

Worshipers, it is time to turn, repent, and prepare the way of the Lord because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. We must make room for Him. We must build the house.

About ME

Hey! I’m Jeremy. I’m a son, a husband, a father, and a brother. I’m a believer and a dreamer. I’m a musician and a leader, a creative, and a strategic thinker. I’m also a survivor and a fighter and I know many of you are, too.

But more than all that, I’m a worshiper. My current assignment is to call the remnant in this day to prepare a place for the Lord, to build a house for Him, a place of His rest. It is a spiritual house built for worship alone through Christ alone (1 Peter 2:5; Isaiah 66:1; Acts 7:44-50).

I believe we need a mature Church who knows her identity and her spiritual authority, who worships deeply and wars violently against the kingdom of darkness.

To those who hear His voice, He is preparing a people that will fight on their face at His feet. He is seeking a pure and ready bride. And I’m convinced that we must learn both worship and warfare for the days ahead.

If you’ve been broken by tragedy, lost in grief, swallowed up by depression, hopelessly overwhelmed by anxiety, crying out to God as you wander in the wilderness, and daily wondering “how long, oh Lord,” I’ve been there.

The emptiness of loss was profoundly disabling.  The fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that came with the depression was not something I was prepared for. But I survived, and you can, too.

Life has a way of throwing things at us that we are not ready for. But let me tell you: you are not alone!

Recovery is possible. Normalcy will be redefined. “Moving on” is a myth.

But I’m telling you, you can live again. Keep scrolling to read more about my story…

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)

When Tragedy Struck

In Early 2010, I lost my father to suicide.  The grief was nothing I’d ever experienced (nor ever want to experience again).  It wasn’t the only tragic loss I’ve endured, but it was one that thrust me into a valley of decision, one that required a long and hard look at my faith and everything I’d built my life on to that point.  In the throes of grief, I was thrust headlong into the lion’s den to confront death itself. I wasn’t sure I would survive.
In the early days and weeks following my father‘s death, I embraced distraction and pushed through my final semester of school to graduate. The school work kept the deepest pain temporarily at bay. But I was also determined to finish. Nothing was going to stop me from reaching my goal.
After graduation, in the void of activity that followed, I fell apart. I spiraled into depression and nearly gave up. It was the beginning of a long and difficult journey out of the valley of the shadow of death.
There were a few big turning points in the first six to twelve months, but honestly, it took me years to recover.  Little by little, trusting God to help me get one foot in front of the other, I moved forward.  I’m not sure that “moving on” is realistic in the sense that you can truly get something like this behind you.  It is a part of you forever.  But I believe you can, and must, move forward.
Over thirteen years later, I am confident that thriving is possible, even if you’ve experienced a great deal of trauma. It’s work. It’s hard. There are no magic formulas. It’s a journey, and often a very long one, but you can overcome the obstacles that grief, loss, and trauma put in front of you.
I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

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